Bernard C. Campbell Middle School


Parents PowerSchool Update Directions

PowerSchool upgraded – Parents must create a new account to see student information this year. BCMS parents received access information to their children’s Powerschool accounts with the MAP scores. Powerschool stores student information!on, including attendance and grades. In the past, parents of middle and high school students were required to log into Powerschool with multiple accounts if they had more than one child in middle and high schools. Powerschool was updated this summer to allow parents to create a single account and then attach each child to that account. This new update has a feature that allows parents to create their own PowerSchool account, choose their own username and password, and assign each of their children to a single account. Parents will NOT be able to use the access they had in the 2014-15 school year. A complete set of directions on how to create the parent account and how to add your child(ren) to the account may be found here.

Parents PowerSchool. Once you go to this website, click the Quick Reference Guide for the full set of directions on create ting the account. Before you begin this process, you will need the school-issued confidential!al parent/guardian access ID and password assigned to you for each of your middle and high school students. If you do not have your child’s access ID and password, please contact the guidance office, 986-3178.